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Services - Carpet Cleaning, Dye, Treatment and Repair

ACS Carpet Cleaning in Las Vegas works with home and business owners to provide comprehensive carpet cleaning services. We offer continuing maintenance and one-time services for planned cleaning or unexpected repair needs.

Residential Carpet Cleaning and Repair

ACS Carpet Cleaning offers carpet cleaning services for every room in your home. For frayed edges, tears, and accidental burn marks or holes, we provide quick and effective carpet repair. We can replace a small section of carpet, patch holes with carpeting of the same color, and fix frays by removing them and sealing the area with adhesive.

Carpet Dye

Do you have an area of carpet that has become discolored or faded? Want to change a room’s color scheme without buying a new carpet? Our carpet dyes are the perfect solution. ACS Carpet Cleaning can restore the original color of a damaged area of carpet, or dye an entire room’s carpet with a new pigment color.

Pet Treatments

We also offer treatments which are specialized for pets. Per urine stains can be difficult to remove without the right cleaning products, but we use techniques that affectively lift out these stains and their odor while deterring pets from marking that spot again. We also have brushes designed to pull loose pet dander out of carpet fibers. All our cleaning products are safe for pets, so you won’t have to worry about them coming in contact with them or walking on a freshly cleaned carpet.


Over time, normal wear and tear, along with set in stains, can create unpleasant odors in your home’s carpeting. Our expert team will uncover the cause of the odors and use products that will eliminate them, leaving only a fresh scent and clean carpeting behind.

Move In/Move Out Carpet Cleaning

ACS Carpet Cleaning provides full service carpet cleaning for homeowners moving into a new home or to prepare their home for sale. We will go through every room of the home, looking for stains, odors, or other specific cleaning services that are necessary. We will then give you a detailed estimate to meet your cleaning needs and schedule your service appointment.

Pad Replacement

If your carpet is loose, feels thinner than it used to, or the corners are peeling up from the floor, you may need a pad replacement. ACS Carpet Cleaning can quickly install a new pad onto your existing carpet so you don’t have to purchase a new one. After gently removing the old pad, we put on a new one and reattach your carpet to the floor, stretching the new pad slightly so it rests adjacent to the walls.

ACS Carpet Cleaning ACS Carpet Cleaning ACS Carpet Cleaning ACS Carpet Cleaning

We also offer:

  • Emergency water extractions 24/7
  • Air and dryer duct cleanings
  • Ozone
  • And a full line of janitorial services that we offer daily, weekly and monthly for homes, offices and apartments

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